10 Things Women Wished Men Knew


Wouldn’t life be easier if men knew what women really wanted? In the world of romance and matchmaking, one of the biggest problems is that the sexes battle because they don’t understand each other. There seem to be plenty of helpful hints for women – the lists of things that men wished women knew, but what about things from the other way around? What about the things that women wished the men really knew?

1. When a woman tells a man those three magic words right after sex, or in the middle of it, it doesn’t mean anything. I Love You, when said during this physical time, is a result of the hormones in the body going haywire. If she seems to say it too early, and it just so happens to be after sex, ignore it and give her a cuddle. Chances are she doesn’t really mean it yet. She likes you a lot and the sex was great, but technically, she hasn’t really said it; her body has.

2. If you lie, she is going to find out and she will be angry. She will probably leave you. When women have a bee in their bonnets, they will dig as far and as wide as they need to in order to get the truth. If you have lied to her, or done something you shouldn’t have, she will notice from your body language or actions, and she will delve further to find out what is wrong.

3. If her period is so much as five minutes late, she is going to freak out thinking that she is pregnant. This is something that you will notice after a few women, so never take it to heart until that big blue line really does come up on a test. It’s just something girls do.

4. If she says she doesn’t like flowers, she probably doesn’t but this doesn’t mean that she won’t be jealous when everyone in her office gets a massive bouquet from their men. Just try it the once and see what kind of reaction you get – we bet you won’t be disappointed!

5. When she asks you how she looks, “fine” won’t cut it, but you can’t be brutally honest either. Her ass may look huge, but you are probably best off saying that you like another pair better. Never, ever tell her she likes “fine” or “good” – these are landmine words and will explode.

6. She EXPECTS you to give her a call. If you haven’t heard from her in a little while, she might be busy but to be honest, she is probably just waiting for you to get in touch first. If she constantly messages you, she is harassing. When you message her first, she is replying. Think about it – if you miss her or think about her, text her. We bet she replies almost immediately.

7. Leather pants are NOT acceptable. Unless you are Russell Brand. Which you clearly are not.

8. She wants to be part of a “we” with you, but she is petrified of losing her independence. Pretend she still has it from time to time.

9. She will more than likely forgive a whole lot more than she would lead you to believe if she really loves you, or at least cares about you. This is not an excuse to constantly screw her over. Just remember that if you make a mistake, honesty is probably your best policy. Honesty is something that women can deal with; betrayal is not.

10. There are two things that are guaranteed to get you out of the poop with most women – oral sex for her and new shoes. Preferably of the designer variety.

10 Things Women Wished Men Knew
Article Title
10 Things Women Wished Men Knew
Wouldn't life be easier if men knew what women really wanted? In the world of romance and matchmaking, one of the biggest problems is that the sexes battle because they don't understand each other.
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