25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe – Part One

Europe is such a beautiful place and because everything is so nicely close and packed together, you can make great use of your time by fitting in as many places as possible. More places means more memories and isn’t that the point of going away on your vacay’s anyway?

There’s nothing you can’t find in Europe. If you want good food, you’ll get it. If you want to dance and drink the night away, you can do it. If you want to see history and culture, it’s right there. It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you want to have, Europe has everything to offer you which is what makes it one of the most popular tourist hotspots.

If you want to get lost in everything Europe has to offer, you need more than just a stick-a-pin-in-the-map approach in order to conquer it successfully. Thankfully, we’ve come up with the best tips for travelling around Europe, compiled from frequent flyers, cabin crew and air stewardesses!

Get yourself comfortable, let’s start your journey…

1 – Figure out your holiday-type

Although you want to get lose in the beauty of everything Europe has to offer you, make some sort of plan. By that we don’t mean a rigid itinerary that you need to stick to like your life depends on it but more have an idea of where you’re going and what you want to see. Work out what kind of vacation you want and then figure it out from there.

If you want a see the tourist sights without so many tourists around, end of seasonal vacations are great so for that, head to Mediterranean locations around end of summer / beginning of autumn. You’ll get great deals on end-of-season hotels, gifts, souvenirs and much more and you can enjoy your surroundings without too many people getting in your way!

2 – Don’t fly in and out of the same airport

If you want to travel, go and travel. Book your first flight out there from one airport but book the returning flight from a different one. What’s the point in heading to Paris to go on to Amsterdam, Belgium and possibly even Germany only to go back to Paris for your flight home. You’ll often find it’s cheaper to work out the best deals on flights from the various airports on the times you want to travel and book the rest of your vacation from there. You might end up seeing sights you hadn’t planned for.

3 – Take the train

If you are considering booking flights from place to place all the time, you’re missing an entire world of sights out there. Taking the train from place to place adds a bit more mystery to the occasion and they really aren’t that difficult to understand whether you understand the native tongue or not. You’ll also find it works out a lot cheaper and you’ll end up with many more stories to tell… Both good and bad!

4 – Don’t opt for big restaurants

While you’re pottering out and about, don’t always go for the obvious tourist restaurants and cafes. Eat like the locals do and try your hand at local markets or smaller, family-run dining establishments. The best food to be eaten in Europe is in the places you hadn’t thought of going, and it’s not always on the most expensive menu either! We’ve had some of the nicest food ever from stalls at local Christmas markets in Germany. And to think we almost went to a cafe instead!

5 – Consider booking your trip around an event

It could be something like the tulips blooming in Amsterdam during the spring and early summer, or maybe even a festival or an art exhibition. Make your trip a reason to go somewhere and then all the extra stuff you see will be like a brilliant added bonus.

There are so many times of year you could explore Europe. You could go crazy and get a bit drunk in Ireland for St. Patricks Day for example! You could check out Oktoberfest in Germany. There are so many events happening all over Europe throughout the year so get Googling… Or maybe we should come up with a list of some for you!

6 – Enjoy the outdoors!

You might want to slump around the pool all day or head out and explore the shops, museums, restaurants and nightlife but don’t forget about the great outdoors. Europe has some of the best outdoor activities you could hope for so it would be a complete shame to forget about these or let them go to waste.

If you’re around Bulgaria for example, you could look at going horse riding among the beautiful, picturesque surroundings. If you’re looking for a winter getaway, you can’t forget about skiing and snowboarding – Norway’s great for that! There are so many things you could do – vineyards, walking tours, exploring seemingly unforgiving forests…

Let your imagination run wild! The world is your oyster… Cliche but true!

7 – Make great use of freebies

Believe it or not there are plenty of freebie things you can do around Europe all throughout the year. London has some pretty impressive museums which don’t charge an entrance fee and there are also walking trips and tours and more to explore. We think this is another subject we will need to cover in greater detail…

Watch this space! 

So there you have them – the first seven tips on how to successfully back-pack, explore and train-ride your way around Europe. We’ll bring you more information such as those great freebie experiences. Make sure you like the Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date! If you’ve ever had a great European vacation, remember to tag us on social media with the hashtag #CrewDating – we’d love to feature your tales and snaps!

25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe - Part One
Article Title
25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe - Part One
25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe - Part One Europe is such a beautiful place and because everything is so nicely close and packed together, you can make great use of your time by fitting in as many places as possible.
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