25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe – Part Three

Did you see Part One and Part Two of our 25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe yet? You should check it out!

For now, we’re carrying on – how to make the most of your journey around one of the most incredibly continents our beautiful planet has to offer us. Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…

16 – Always have superglue!

It sounds a bit random but honestly, you’ll be amazed at how handy superglue is. When you have a broken shoe incident – superglue is your saviour. When you break something in the hotel, superglue is your saviour. If your bag breaks, superglue is your saviour.

Alongside superglue, safety pins come in very handy, for all of the above AND damaged clothing too!

(This tip applies for all over the world and not just travelling in Europe!) 

17 – Have spare Euros

Everywhere in the UK takes Euro’s somewhere. Even if you can’t spend them, there’ll be a bureau de change around somewhere so you can change them. Traveller’s cheques are becoming redundant and you never really know when you’ll need taxi money in an emergency. You don’t need to have a lot – just a little secret stash somewhere for when you need it the most. It’s amazing how many people travel with very little, if any, cash on them.

18 – Your luggage is important

Expensive suitcases are pointless because they’re going to get bashed up, dropped and thrown around… And no, we’re not talking about the airport. Go for sturdy luggage of course, but don’t spend a small fortune on it. It’s a waste of money.

At the same time, make sure you have a brightly coloured suitcase or bag. At the very least, decorate it with some ribbons. Everyone seems to have a black suitcase these days and trying to work out which bag is yours at the airport is always a nightmare. Don’t pick up someone else’s by mistake – get creative and decorate yours so you’ll spot it a mile off!

19 – Ziplock plastic bags are a GREAT idea

They are perfect for separate your liquids at the airport and they’re also handy for keeping wet beach clothes away from your dry clothes, dirty clothes away from your clean clothes, and as a miniature garbage bag when you need it.

Don’t go anywhere without at least two ziplock plastic bags folded up somewhere in the your luggage. It takes up the most minimal of space and you never know when they’ll come in handy!

20 – Don’t forget about travel insurance

You might think it’s a rip off and a total waste of your hard earned money because ‘nothing ever happens’ but one day, that something might just happen to you.

What happens if your flights are delayed? Or if you need to cancel a flight? Or if you decide to stay somewhere a few more days? Or lose your luggage? Or break an important / expensive item?

Travel insurance IS important and you SHOULD have it. This is definitely the case if you are flying / travelling with expensive items such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You would devastated if something bad were to happen.

21 – Don’t ignore ‘street food’

You’re always told never to eat from street-stalls but honestly, some of the best food you’ll ever eat in Europe will be somewhere NOT considered to be a restaurant. If you want to eat somewhere cute and quaint, go do it. Just be smart about it. You know, if the food doesn’t look cooked, don’t eat it. Or if you’re not quite sure, don’t eat it.

The whole point of going travelling is to check out the cultures of others – the way they live, breathe and eat. What’s the point in going to a brand new country, especially within Europe, and not tasting the delights?

22 – Don’t think you can do everything at once

You can’t do Europe in a couple of weeks, it’s just not possible. Sometimes you are going to get carried away in one place and not move on to the next when you said you were going to. You need to be realistic about your journey around Europe – just because everything is relatively close doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to fit everything in. Sometimes you just need to kick-back, relax and let your wanderlust lead you to where you need to go. If you don’t manage to fit everything in this time, just plan for another trip. It’s not as if there’s not plenty to fill your time and keep you entertained.

23 – Off-season is better

As much as you want to enjoy the delights these beautiful places in Europe have to offer at the best times, if you go during peak season, it’s going to be rammed.

London is a classic example of this – during the heat of the summer when the kids are off school, you can’t get into any of the London attractions without queueing for a good couple of hours beforehand. In July 2015, there was a queue of over three hours to get into the Madame Taussauds attraction… I know because I was there!

If you can book it / stand it during off-season times, or at least towards the end of the season, you’ll have a much happier, easier, more peaceful vacation.

24 – Check out all-inclusive passes

Sticking with London again, you can often get passes that will let you have entry into a number of different attractions, paying one (normally much cheaper) price. In some cases, travel might even be included in the package. Take a peek online at “tourist attractions in London” to get a better idea. There are plenty of all-in-one deals you can go for.

25 – Don’t be afraid to walk

In many places, tubes, trains and buses will help you get from place to place but if you like the great outdoors and you want to see things from a slightly different perspective, don’t be afraid to walk. You can get to all the tourist attractions in central London just using your feet and although it might take longer (and hurt more at the end of the day), you’ll get much better holiday snaps and you’ll explore and find many more interesting details.

Sometimes you just need to let your feet do the talking!

We hope that these tips have helped you plan / arrange your trip around Europe but remember to share your snaps on social media with the hashtag #CrewDating for a chance to be featured! We’d love to see your holiday snaps! (And lots of interesting places to visit!)

Happy Travelling! 🙂

25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe - Part Three
Article Title
25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe - Part Three
25 Tips for Travelling Around Europe. how to make the most of your journey around one of the most incredibly continents our beautiful planet has to offer us. Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…
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