Top 6 Things to see and do in Jamaica

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

We first mentioned Jamaica in the Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways and once we had a quick peek at this beautiful country, we decided it was time to take a closer look.

This amazing country has so many super cool things to do when you go on your vacation here that picking the top 10 was always going to be difficult. However, we made it our mission to bring you the crème de la crème, and that we have done!

1.     Go swimming with dolphins. This is one of those things to do that is on almost everyone’s Bucket List, and with the amazing Dolphin Cove in Jamaica’s Ocho Rios, you could have those dream Facebook pictures of you with the beautiful grey creatures! If dolphins aren’t quite your style, you could always head on over to James Bond Beach where you can have a quick dip with some sting rays!

2.    The Bob Marley Museum. The home of the amazing reggae singer himself, it would be a shame to travel all this way and visit the memorial of a singer that literally put Jamaica on the map. In Kingston, you can have a tour around his former home, and then have some of his favourite food in the quaint Bob’s Cafe.

3.    When you’re in Ocho Rios swimming with the dolphins, why not check out the infamous Dunn’s River Falls – one of the top attractions here. It’s a big tourist trap, with many people climbing up the falls every year. This is, in fact, what makes it so famous – it isn’t all that fabulous to look at compared to other falls in the world.

4.     For the more adrenaline seeking adventurers out there, you could always try your hand at a spot of cliff diving. For the brave (or stupid!), the West End is the place to go, waiting for the sun to set at Rick’s Cafe before you take the plunge into crystal clear, blue waters that for a rush that you will never, ever forget.

5.     Once you’re done with your adventure seeking, why not go on a pirate ghost hunt to the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Rumours say that the pirates still haunt these beaches by night. During the day the scene is a little less sinister, with thousands of tourists flocking here for a little bit of sun-worshipping.

6.    If you are a fan of water and amazing views, you should head on over to Blue Hole Mineral Spring, set again in Negril. With a 35 foot jump into a beautiful bright blue spring lake, you could make a day of it with a restaurant, a bar and the swimming pool to enjoy.


Top 6 Things to see and do in Jamaica
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Top 6 Things to see and do in Jamaica
Read our guide on Jamaica and see the top 6 best things to do. You will have a great time in Bob Marley country.
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