Beijing – A city you will never forget

When you first land in Chinas capital Beijing you are amazed by the shiny new airport.

Build up to the Olympics, Beijings Capital International airport (IATA: PEK ICAO:ZBAA) is an ultra modern airport and it became Asias busiest airport in 2009.

Beijing is a huge city!. A mix between old buildings and new concrete mega structures. Bicycles and new supercars. It’s all here. The newly rich and the older wise chinese playing chess and doing Tai Chi.

An interesing area where you can see the traditional houses of Beijing is the socalled Hutongs. Small very narrow streets and small buildings, usually with a courtyard behind the house. Several tour companys offer daily rickshaw tours trough the Hutong areas.
Don’t miss out on this, it’s a great way to see traditional chinese life.

beijing hutong area

There are so many things to do in Beijing and chances are that you don’t have time to see everything. From old temples, to exiting markets. Brand new shopping malls and ultra modern restaurants serving deliciuos food. Any guide book will tell you lots more about Beijing but here are some highlights:

Visiting the Drumtower and watch a performance
Taking a tour through the Hutongs with a guide
Eating sushi at the famous Hatsune restaurant
See the Olympic stadiums
Shopping at the Pearlmarket
Walk the Great Wall at Simatai
Spend a day at The Forbidden City
Visit the Summer Palace

There is much more do do in Beijing and I recommend you get the Beijing Taxiguide.

Taking a taxi in Beijing is relatively inexpensive, but not many taxidrivers speak english.

The taxi guide will translate almost anything you want to see in Beijing. Just find it in english and show it to the driver.
The chinese translation is right next to the english.
Very clever! A must have.

Gate to the Forbidden CityBeijing also has a very modern Metro, but the signs are all in chinese!. Get a good map and try to figure out the signs of the stations near the sights.


It’s good fun and actually not that difficult. Taking the metro is very cheap!

There are lots and lots of hotels all over the city. Some are very expensive and some are true pits.
Usually a decent hotel will cost around 80$ for a double room. Remember, the city is huge so if you want to spend a lot of time near the city center it might be a good idea to spend a little extra and avoid the commute to the cheaper hotels in the outskirts.

Beijings is a fantastic city and we are sure you will be coming back several times to see more!.

Beijing - A city you will never forget
Article Title
Beijing - A city you will never forget
The amazing city of Beijing. What to do and where to start. Read our Destination guide and be prepared. It is a city you will never forget.
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