Dating Advice: To Women From Men

Ladies, have you ever wondered what those guy’s you’re dating are really thinking about you? Do you really want to know the things you do that annoy them or irritate them? Do you want to know how you can stop doing those annoying things in the future to try and secure a happy relationship with one of them?

We’ve listened and collaborated advice that men wish they could give to women. Are you going to listen and learn…?

“Don’t set your expectations too high!”

One of the worst things that women do when you ask them out on a date is let their head get carried away by everything that *could* happen. What they don’t do is live in the moment. They want us to take them to these nice, fancy restaurants that cost a fortune but when we take them to a cute, fifties-inspired diner with great food and a great atmosphere, they spend so long being annoyed that they never end up enjoying themselves.

“Stop doing your research!” 

Facebook-stalking every guy you could potentially date has become a big thing now and it’s sensible to do a little pre-date research… You should make sure he’s not married or lying about stuff, you know?

Too much research isn’t bad for you though so there needs to be a point where you stop doing it. Before you know what you’ve done, you’re six years back in his life and trying to work out what age he lost his virginity… It all gets a little extreme in the world of cyber-stalking so try not to act quite as crazy as the rest and keep your research to a bare minimum. He’s not the same person he was five years ago, or even one year ago, so judging him by his stupid Facebook statuses is just dumb.

“Check yourself – we are not your ex!” 

If you’re comparing the new guy to the old guy, you’re putting the new guy off. Just saying…

You should never compare anyone to your ex. For a start, your ex was clearly an idiot otherwise he wouldn’t have been an ex, right? Secondly, no one should be compared to anyone else. It doesn’t get things off to a great start and you’ll be setting yourself up to fail.

Your emotional baggage will destroy every future relationship you have if you let it. There needs to be a point where you give up and let it all go. If you don’t, you’ll ruin the new ‘fling’ before it’s had a chance to get off the ground.

“Equality is a good thing…” 

We don’t mind if you want to pay half for the first date. We’ll politely decline not he first date but after that, we’ll gladly take you up on your offer. There’s so much pressure on the guy to pay for pretty much everything when the dating circle first starts and it all gets very expensive, especially if you want us to live up to your fancy-restaurant expectations.

Don’t be afraid to put your hand in your pocket from time to time. Honestly, men will love all the more for it. There’s nothing hotter than an independent, equal woman.

“Let us be a gentleman!” 

At the same time, if we offer to pay, just let us get on with it. It makes us feel good when we feel like men – paying for the first date, pulling out your chair, holding the door open, etc. Men actually enjoy being gentlemen but not many women give us the chance. Don’t be so independent that you don’t need a man at all. Most men want to be wanted or needed in some way, if only the smallest way.

“Be more confident.”

We wouldn’t be on a date with you if we didn’t like you a little bit so technically, you’ve already got your foot in the door. Women put too much pressure on dating and in turn, that’s putting pressure on the guy too. It’s nice for a woman to be confident and to know what she wants and likes. If she already has an idea for that first date, tell us. Nine times out of ten we’ll be relieved we don’t need to come up with a fancy restaurant that matches our budget and doesn’t give you food poisoning…

“Say what you mean!”

Men know when you say, “Fine,” things are definitely not fine. But what they don’t know is why you say things you don’t mean. If you’re upset about something, just say it. What’s the point in pretending you’re not only for it all to explode out later on at the end of the night when we think we’re in the clear.

We much prefer an honest woman over a woman who plays games. We don’t know how to keep up with the games and we’ll probably just give up than attempt to understand it.

You see – men really aren’t that difficult to understand. When it comes down to it, men and women just want the same things – someone who loves them and who they love in return, who is honest, respectful and loyal.

That’s not too much to ask for… Right?

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Dating Advice: To Women From Men
Article Title
Dating Advice: To Women From Men
Ladies, have you ever wondered what those guy’s you're dating are really thinking about you? Do you really want to know the things you do that annoy them or irritate them?
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