How to become a Flight Attendant

So, you want to be a Flight Attendant. Where do you start??

We have put together a guide with the best videos from Youtube on how to become a Flight Attendant.
This should get you started and help you decide, if a career as Cabin Crew is something you really want to pursue. For many it is a dream, but with har work (and a little bit of luck) it can come true.
The are many guides on this topic, but we at Crewdating like TheFAlife.

Watch the episodes now.

1. Get a job as a Flight Attendant.


2. Meet the Flight Attendant Life Careers Editor.


3. Where to begin??


4. Flight Attendant Resume & Paperwork Tips.


5. How to answer Flight Attendant interview questions.


6. Flight Attendant phone interview tips.


7. Flight Attendant video interview tips.


More videos in Part 2