How to Date as a Single Dad

datng as single dad

Its a scary world out there, especially when you begin to internet date again after a long period of being in a relationship. Its even harder for a guy to date when he considers himself a single dad, especially if he must fit in a busy career at the same time! 

There are a few rules that can make life a bit easier for you. Sometimes you just need a little helping hand – someone to tell you to breathe and reboot, someone to give you a bit of assistance when you feel like freaking out a tad! 

1 – Dont freak out! Ease into it. 

Its easier said than done when your head is getting carried away with thoughts of meeting that special someone and experiencing the thrill of falling in love all over again, but sometimes you need to take a step back and move at a much slower pace. If you are a single Dad returning to dating for the first time in a long time, easing yourself into it is the best thing you can do, not just to keep your own sanity, but also to ensure your kids dont freak out too. 

2 – Dont tell them unless they need to know. 

Speaking of your children, its always best to keep your dating life on the down-low until youre sure the person youre standing hand-in-hand with is the person youll have in your life for a while. There is no point in confusing them, or your own dating situation, by introducing new partners too soon. Plus, it just complicates things and sometimes, grown-ups need to have little secrets! 

3 – Remember that your kids are important

 But at the same time, they cant completely govern your life, for the rest of your life. As much as they might not want you to find someone new and replace Mom, you cant live your life without dating forever just because they said so. 

4 – Dont act as though you dont have kids! 

Its amazing how many single Dads think they can just omit the kids from the equation! Firstly, it makes it look as if you dont care about them. Secondly, any potential new partners are going to find out eventually so wouldnt it make more sense for them to find out right at the beginning? Think about it logically! 

5 – Be sensitive about separating your time. 

It can be hard juggling your free time between your children and your date, but its something youre going to need to learn how to do. Spending too much time with your date will reflect badly on your kids, and theyll start to think they arent that important to you. On the other end of the spectrum, if you spend too much time with your kids and not your date, your date will start to think it wont make a difference if they were to disappear from your life

Dating is hard word, and this is the case whether you have kids or not. Having children in tow definitely doesnt make life any easier but with a bit of juggling, youll soon get the hang of it, and youll be on your way to happy-ever-after before you know it!

How to Date as a Single Dad
Article Title
How to Date as a Single Dad
It's a scary world out there, especially when you begin to internet date again after a long period of being in a relationship
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