How to Look GREAT When You Fly

Whether you’re cabin crew or a passenger, looking great when you fly is important. Who wants to get off the jet on the other end looking a bedraggled wreck? Who knows who might be there! Who knows who might see you? Who knows what cuties might not even give you a second glass because you look more dragged-through-a-hedge than glamour-cabin-crew.

As a flight attendant, you’re expected to look great. It’s part of the job description. You are the face of the airline – the face that everyone sees. If you look bad, it reflects badly on the company. You can hardly blame these airlines for having such ‘strict’ appearance-rules and guidelines in place.

It’s hard to look good when you feel as if you haven’t slept for fourteen days but if you give some of these handy tips and tricks a try, you might find the reflection staring back at you is considerable better than it was.

Here’s how to look great when you fly…

How to Look GREAT When You Fly

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For puffy eyes…

We’ll get straight to the point, puffy eyes are ugly. They also seem to come hand in hand with being a part of the cabin crew. It’s so frustrating!

Cucumber slices – these work and although cliche, are great for a quick fix. Here’s a quick trick for you ladies – if you don’t have a cucumber to hand, keep your eyes peeled in beauty stores when you’re out and about and shopping. You can get ‘fake’ cucumber slices. All the juicy goodness of the cucumbers but in a linen or gauze fake cucumber slide instead. Pop them in the fridge as soon as you get to your hotel and when they’re cool enough, pop them on your eyes to give yourself time to relax for ten minutes. You can have these in your luggage all the time with zip-seal bags.

For greasy hair…

Or dodgy hair for that matter. Dry shampoo is your best friend. It is quite literally your best friend. You can buy travel-sized sprays of this now (I know because I’ve seen them) and they are so handy to keep in your bag.

When you have a greasy hair, a quick spritz of this will instantly soak up the grease. If you have limp hair, dry shampoo can be used with a bit of back-combing (and a hotel hair dryer if you have one to hand) to give you a bit more volume.

Oh and if you don’t have dry shampoo, a tiny touch of talcum powder can work just as well!

Final tip – don’t forget to pack a headscarf. Add a ‘quiff’ of hair to the front of your face, tie the rest back in a pony tail, throw your headscarf around. It’s a great way to match that fifties-inspired trend and hide a multitude of hair sins.

For a clean face…

Don’t ever forget to take your makeup off. Ever. Make sure you always have make-up remover wipes packed with your toothbrush. They also double up as baby wipes if you ever need them to.

Sleeping with your makeup on is so bad for your skin. It’ll make your face greasy and oily, it’ll cause you to have spots and it will make you look grey and unhealthy.

A good moisturiser really shouldn’t be left out either. If you can afford to treat yourself to a more expensive, luxurious brand that promises amazing results, do it. A tiny travel bottle of this will be the perfect thing to soothe tired and dry skin.

How to Look GREAT When You Fly

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While we’re on the subject, a teeny-tiny bottle of tea tree oil works in a number of ways too. You can use it as a disinfectant because it has antiseptic properties. It can help to soothe sunburn when used in a natural carrier cream. It can also help fight back against spots and blemishes on the skin. Oh, it’s great to use on insect bites too. Another must-have for your travel bag.

For your makeup bag…

If you can go for mineral makeup, do it. The more natural the makeup products you use, the kinder they will be on your face. Thick, gloopy makeup isn’t going to be kind to your skin. It’ll clog it up and that causes spots… Again.

If you don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, mix your foundation with some moisturiser. It has the same effect as tinted moisturiser too – it gives you a little coverage but without being too thick and gloopy.

If you wear a lot of makeup on duty, don’t wear loads of makeup when your off duty. Sometimes your face just needs a break!

Finally, learn what kind of skin-type you have and use products designed for that skin type. If you have oily skin, a thick foundation will not do it any favours and worse than that, it’ll be more likely to slide off. Not just that, makeup looks better when it’s applied properly and in order to be applied properly, you need to be using the right product in the first place.

And here’s for a few last minute tips…

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water! We cannot stress this enough – rehydrate!
  • Have a red / pink lip gloss close to hand. It can be used as lip colour and cheek colour if you’re looking tired and peaky.
  • Clear nail polish is perfect for stopping ladders getting any bigger on your tights! (We learned that one at school!)
  • Eat nuts as snacks. The good oils will be great for your skin and they’re nutrient packed which will give you an energy boost.
How to Look GREAT When You Fly
Article Title
How to Look GREAT When You Fly
Whether you’re cabin crew or a passenger, looking great when you fly is important. Who wants to get off the jet on the other end looking a bedraggled wreck?
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