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Setting at the footstep of the high Himalayas, surrounded by green sloping hills is the mystical capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.

A buddhist city of more than a million people. A mix of trekkers, monks, tourists, and locals trying to make a living in an extremely poor country.

In the 60’s and 70’s it was the goal for the people following the Hippietrail, a demanding overland route, either coming from the south via Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, or from the North via the Trans-siberian railroad and China.

Now most people fly to Kathmandu. The airport is fairly modern and many big airlines in the region runs a scheduled service to Kathmandu, Qatar Airways and Jetairways to name a few.



The scenery surrounding Kathmandu is breathtaking. On a clear day you can see the tall snowcapped peaks of the high Himalayan mountains and most of the trekking tours in this regions sets out from Kathmandu.
There’ is many great treks to be done in these mountains, including the famous Annapurna circuit.

kathmandu roads

Kathmandu roads

The roads of Kathmandu are in very bad condition, so be prepared for a backbraking taxi ride. There is road works almost everywhere, so trafic is slow.

The city center is where most of the backpackers and trekkers meet. This place is known as Thamel.
Narrow streets with lots of trekking shops selling top brand mountain gear…some fake, some genuine.
A big mix of coffee shops, bookshops and temples.
Thamel is a great place for a cup of tea and the latest stories from the mountain treks.

Theres are so many things to see and do in Kathmandu, but a visit to the famous “Monkey Temple” is a great way to see a buddhist temple and get a sunset view of the city. Ask any taxi driver, they all know it and will take your there for very little money


Monkeytemple Kathmandu


Sunset view Kathmandu

The nepalese people are very friendly and most of the younger people speak english.
So go ahead, pack your bags and prepare for an adventure.

Next stop Kathmandu
Article Title
Next stop Kathmandu
Visit Kathmandu and be prepared to see amazing things. The capital of Nepal, right at the footsteps of the Grand Himalayas.
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