Seychelles For Summer


If you want a summer vacation that screams luxury, you could do a whole load worse than checking out the Seychelles. 115 smaller islands make up this beautiful tourist attraction, and its no wonder that people are dreaming of a caribbean break just like this one – the white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters give you all you could have ever wanted from Indian Ocean break. Plus you never know – you might just find yourself a giant tortoise or two along the way!

Giving you the perfect Robinson Crusoe experience, it has everything you would ever want from a tropical island vacay, and as you laze the evening away beneath the stars, chilling in a hammock between two lightly swaying palm trees, drinking your favourite cocktail out of a coconut, youll start to wonder why you didnt book this tropical treat much sooner.

Being a firm favourite of the rich and famous, there are a number of luxury and entire resorts and places to stay on the many islands that make up this paradise, and with the likes of William and Kate choosing to stay in one of the five star resorts, as well as Brad and Angelina, you can start to appreciate how romantic the place can be. In fact, this is where the Royal couple themselves chose to spend their honeymoon.

Lets say you choose to visit Praslin Island – you can visit the nature reserve, enjoy a lovely fresh BBQ dinner on the beach, enjoy the beautiful clear waters from the cruise, and have a jolly good in the tropical sun, either with a special someone, or with your family. Although well known for being a luxury beach retreat, there are plenty of things to do once you start island hopping.

If you love all things London‘, youll definitely need to visit the tiny capital – Victoria, with its miniature version Big Ben, and theres even a Natural History Museum, if you want a bit more out of your vacation, rather than spending your days tanning happily on the beach.

Beau Vallon is just northwest of Mahe, the largest island of the Seychelles, and this one is fast becoming a tourist trap with bustling nightlife, great places to eat, and plenty of things to see and do, all situated in a relatively small area. There are some really beautiful and quaint hotels, and plenty of dive centres to keep you interested, and although a great place to visit, hasnt become too overpopulated to the point where you can no longer enjoy it.

If you needed any more persuading that the Seychelles is your dream destination this year, remember this – there are beautiful white, palm-tree scattered beaches that look as if they have been taken from the perfect tropical postcard. There are some of the most exhilarating dive spots in the world, with some of the most beautiful marine life, birds, and other wildlife; most of which you wont get the chance to see anywhere else. There are places for kids and adults aiea to enjoy, and there are even hiking trails for those looking for a bit of peace and seclusion.

Essentially, the Seychelles has it all among its many small islands – so why wouldnt you?

Seychelles For Summer
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Seychelles For Summer
If you want a summer vacation that screams luxury, you could do a whole load worse than checking out the Seychelles. 115 smaller islands make up this beautiful tourist attraction.
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