St. Barts The Luxury Getaway



We briefly mentioned St. Barts in the Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways, and we decided that it deserved a closer look. 

Saint Barthelemy, St. Barths or St. Barts – these are all terms used to describe this breathtaking island. Everything you could want from a tropical island is right in one place – it is fringed with glorious beaches, a volcanic island, and Parisian lifestyles combined with hot weather, blue waters and white sandy beaches. In short – everything you could want from a getaway, you could find it here; romantic or otherwise.

St. Barts is situated in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, and is one of the most Northern islands. You will usually fly into St. Martin, one of the neighbouring islands, right into Gustave III Airport. From here you have a couple of options to get onto St. Barts itself – you can get a ferry or a chartered speedboat.

Once on the island, it is recommended that you hire a car so that you can see everything that the island has to offer. Usually, everything is well within a drive or around twenty minutes or less, and there are a number of car hire companies that you can use for this.

Once on the island, you will see some beautiful styles of accommodation from which you can take your pick. Around thirty percent of these are hotels, and 70% are luxury villas, which gives you some idea of the luxury that you will be faced with on your vacation. With prices starting “moderately” ranging to the ridiculously expensive, you will find that the most expensive time to travel here will be during the “Peak” season which is usually from halfway through December to the same part of April. For the most luxurious stay, you will be looking for hotels like Hotel Taiwana or Hotel Le Toiny, which weigh in at around 600 Euros per night, but for those that are looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, you will want to take a peek at Sunset Hotel, which starts at around 60 Euros per night, based right in Gustavia.

If you are looking for things to occupy your time here in St. Barts, you will find a whole range of activities. There are no less than 14 beautiful beaches for you to lounge on, and the good news is that these are rarely crowded, even during the busiest months of the year. If you want a really relaxing experience, there are several centres dedicated to exercise and wellbeing such as the spas Ligne St. Barth and Hotel Isle de France.

If you want something a tad more upbeat to enjoy, scuba diving is available almost everywhere on the islands, alongside jet skiing, motor yachts, sailing, submarine trips to see beautiful and unique marine wildlife, and plenty of duty free shopping for the ladies! (And the men that want to take their loved ones something special home!)

With a wide range of cuisine available from the French to the Creole, and plenty of grocery stores and take out places, you will find every style of cooking available for even the fussiest of eaters. It would be a shame to visit the island and not visit a local delicacy however – cristophine, for example, is a local squash recipe, usually stuffed with codfish!

In conclusion, St. Barts really is a luxury getaway that is deemed suitable for most holidaymakers – romantic, adventure-seeking, and even just relaxing.

St. Barts The Luxury Getaway
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St. Barts The Luxury Getaway
Saint Barthelemy, St. Barths or St. Barts - these are all terms used to describe this breathtaking island. Everything you could want from a tropical island is right in one place
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