Success Story: James & Kaitlyn

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day soon, we decided to bring you some of the very best success stories that has to offer. A couple of our happily coupled-up ex-daters have agreed to share their stories with us.

Let us introduce you to James & Kaitlyn!

Question: Why did you join

Kaitlyn: Well, I’m an air stewardess and a friend of mine actually suggested after coming across it on Facebook. I’m renowned around my friends for being too picky when it comes to men and when you throw my busy working schedule into the mix, it doesn’t make for a great relationship. I signed up and didn’t really think much about it. A couple of months later, James messaged me!

James: I actually signed up to CrewDating because I’d always had a thing for the whole cabin-crew look! I know it’s really cliche but I don’t work in the aviation industry myself so I wasn’t really aware of what it was all about. I didn’t take into account Kaitlyn’s busy working schedule so that’s something we’ve needed to work on. I’ve never really had any experience with long distance relationships. We’ve been together officially about six months now and although it’s been tough, I’d definitely say it was worth it.

Question: James, what do you think is the hardest part about having a relationship with a crew member when you’re not in the flying business yourself?

James: Honestly, I think it’s the whole long distance relationship thing. Sometimes I get quite lonely when she’s away working but I know we make the most of the time when we do see each other. It’s really hard when I have a busy schedule too and sometimes we can go for a few weeks without seeing each other. We always try to figure it out the best we can and aside from a couple of hiccups here and there, we’re getting more and more used to it.

Question: Do either of you have any advice for those wanting to join

Kaitlyn: Do it!

James: Yes, definitely do it! It’s been hard yes but I don’t regret a minute of it. Kaitlyn is the first air stewardess I’ve ever dated and as much as there are some negatives, there are so many positives!

Kaitlyn: I’d probably suggest asking as many questions about his / her crew job as possible before you start considering a relationship or even dating. It’s hard for non-aviation people to understand what my work is like or how gruelling the hours can be for me. I get grumpy and tired sometimes and that’s definitely hard to deal with, I know that…

James: I definitely won’t disagree with that!

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