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Tom, 32 was looking for love after another nasty breakup when he signed up to He met Marie after three weeks, a 29 year old flight attendant. Their love affair wasn’t easy and the first three times they tried to organise their first meet, Marie had to reschedule because of a hectic working schedule.

Of course, Tom knew what he was getting himself signed up to. That’s why he signed up to in the first place. He knew he needed someone who understood the hectic working schedule as much as he did. You see, Tom was a pilot.

“I signed up to because I knew other ‘normal’ girls probably wouldn’t understand what it was like to date a pilot. I’ve tried to have relationships with girls before – girls I met in clubs and bars and honestly, it was my work schedule that always got in the way. 

My last girlfriend of just under a year broke up with me when I had to swap a shift at the last minute. I couldn’t make an anniversary party of her parents and she was so upset by my seemingly constant no-shows, she just couldn’t handle it anymore. That’s when I realised I needed to date someone who knew the ropes – who understood what crew life was like.” 

CrewDating is a site designed to help cabin crew, pilots, flight attendants and everyone else working in the aviation industry find someone who knows what the life is like. The constant late-nights and no-shows for dates, booking events weeks and sometimes months in advance and even then, not being able to guarantee whether or not you could attend.

Marie had this to say:

“I’m a constant no-shower when I plan dates. I’m always swapping shifts or pulling an extra flight. That’s part of my job and I figured if someone knew I was a flight attendant, they’d know I have a crazy life and I can’t always be flexible with regards to dates and special occasions. I’ve had a string of failed relationships and that’s also why I signed up to CrewDating. I’d been on the site a little longer than Tom, about six or seven weeks, and I went on a couple of really fun dates with men I met on the site. It was obvious that Tom and I had a connection though. Right from the first moment we started talking I was smiling, and I haven’t stopped laughing since!” 

Tom and Marie have now been dating for almost one year and they say they are looking for their first ever house together.

Long distance relationships are difficult, you can’t deny that. But when you find someone who understands, someone who appreciates how difficult your job is and how un-flexible you need to be sometimes, everything will piece together just like it did for Tom and Marie.

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