Top 10 Great Sights to See in America

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When you think of America, what do you think of? The yellow cabs in New York, or the Statue of Liberty? Seeing the White House in Washington, or checking out Florida to say a little hello to Mickey and Minnie Mouse? 

America has so many more attractions to offer you than thatMany, many more. 

Here are the top 10 great sights to see in America! 

1 – Head just a little north of Chicago and youll be on your way to Six Flags Great America, home to the scariest coaster! At 72 miles per hour, 85 degrees steep, and with the highest drop from 180 feet, its the perfect spot if youre a thrill seeker and lets face it, we all need to grow out of Disneyworld at some point! 

2 – New Mexico is the place to go if youre a fan of heights. In early October every year, the Breaking Bad home skyline is filled with hot air balloons of all colors, shapes and sizes, and the International Balloon Fiesta has races, fireworks, and a whole load more to explore and enjoy. 

3 – What about cowboys? Thats what America is most known for, isnt it? Well, youll want to head to Wyoming for that, to the worlds biggest rodeo. It falls between 17th and 26th of July for 2015 (youve still got time to book tickets), and youll be able to enjoy the late night country music with a few beers afterwards too. 

4 – Fancy getting a bit of the state fair action? Its got bigger and better over the years and these days, features little rides and arcades just as much as the old style livestock and farming goods. The 150 year old Minnesota state fair near Minneapolis promises to give you a fast food, music concerts, and more! 

5 – Fancy dipping your toes in the water? What about diving right in and heading to Florida for some tropical fish fun? Key Largo is one of the greatest places to go if you want to see some of the worlds most beautiful marine life, and there are protected coral reefs to marvel at while youre there too. 

6 – Check out a fight in Las Vegas, Nevada and have a night youll never experience again! You might win, you might lose, but you sure will have a lot of fun! Most hotels stage various boxing and fight contests throughout the year, and theres nothing better than being close to the action! 

7 – Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What did you do? Stand back and enjoy the view, taking photos and contemplating checking it out from the sky in the form of a helicopter tour? Its a lot of fun and a simply breathtaking view from the air, thats for sure, but theres a very different sport of experience to be had from the ground. In under two miles, you could follow the South Kaibab Trail to Ooh-Aah Point, but the conditions can be somewhat terrifying, with no water nearby and blistering heat. 

8 – Want to explore stuff from the air? Why not take a step back in time and visit the spot the Wright brothers used to fly in. Nearby at Jockeys Ridge State Park, you could indulge in a spot of hang-gliding, and with soft sand and high dunes, you never know the fun in flight you might have.

9 – Have you recently jumped on the pulled pork bandwagon like the rest of the world seems to have? Well, you will definitely need to check out the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest in Memphis. Over two hundred and fifty people come along and serve up delicious, tasty treats such as pulled pork, pulled beef and many more, some of which with super-special, secret recipes. 

10 – Head to Indiana to the Indianapolis, and marvel at the speed of 33 cars as they zoom past you in the Indy 500, covering over 500 miles at speeds in excess of 220-240 miles per hour. 2016 will mark the one hundredth year running, and is definitely worthy of a celebration, so why not make that your 2016 summer vacation? 

There are some amazing and beautiful sights to see in America, and these ones really are just the tip of the iceberg. You could slow down and chill South Carolina – Georgia, to be precise. With 19th century house, streets with trees lining them, and beautiful Southern Charm, you would be forgiven if you fell in love with the place, which is almost a little like going back in time. 

For a more exhilarating experience, on the other hand, you could check out a real live ballgame, with the oldest stadium in Boston at Fenway Park.

Top 10 Great Sights to See in America
Article Title
Top 10 Great Sights to See in America
When you think of America, what do you think of? The yellow cabs in New York, or the Statue of Liberty? Seeing the White House in Washington, or checking out Florida to say a little hello to Mickey and Minnie Mouse?
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