Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World


Everyones idea of paradise is different but there are some places around the world that you just cant deny are simply breathtaking. Being involved in aviation means that you have the good fortune to be able to visit and see some of these places, which makes you the luckiest person in the world. Even from the air, a beautiful place is a beautiful place.

If youre on the lookout for a stunning retreat this summer, you should check out the top 10 most beautiful places in the world! 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World

10 – Pamukkale, Turkey

If its relaxation youre looking for, you could do a whole load worse than having a one or two night stay in Pamukkale, Turkey. Reachable by plane, bus and car, its the perfect stop-over if youre heading to Izmir, Ephesus, Marmaris or similar places, and with the calcium-rich waters cascading over the cliff edges around, the white hardened mineral make it appear as if these springs have been carved out of marble. Plus, hot springs are always a great idea! 

9 – Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico

Off the coast of Puerto Rico, about six miles off the coast, youll find a place called Isla Vieques. It was under the command of the US Navy up until around 2003, which is probably why youve not heard of this soon-to-be hot tourist hotspot, but with a new Starwood W Retreat opening in the area, it wont be an unknown beauty for long so if you ever wanted the perfect place to visit, now is most definitely the time. 

With rolling hills that artists and photographers alike will adore, and if its romance youre looking for, theres nothing more romantic than these rolling mountains with a pink sky creating the setting. 

For a more upbeat vacation, why not ride a horse along the sand, movie-style? At the moment, the area hasnt been hit by a sudden wave of tourism so you have your pick of the best spots on these white sandy beaches. What more could you ask for? 

8 – Great Blue Hole, Belize

Just off the coast of Belize youll find a massive sinkhole unlike any other youll have seen before. Almost at the centre of the Lighthouse Reef, its meant to be over 400 feet in depth, and almost 1,000 feet wide, with some of the most beautiful marine life! Scuba diving and snorkelling here is obviously a must, and if fish and water, crystal clear blue waters at that, are your thing, this is definitely the right place to come for your summer vacation. 

7 – The Pyramids & Sphinx, Egypt

To marvel at breathtaking construction, you simply must come to Egypt to visit the massive Sphinx cat, and the Pyramids! With over 4,500 years of history behind them, theres a reason why seeing this marvellous creations are at the very top of so many peopleBucket List

The largest Pyramid – the Pyramid of Khufu, is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world still standing, and its very easy to spend hours here without even realising it. 

6 – Niagara Falls, Canada

When you first feel the thundering beat of Niagara Falls rush through your body as you get nearer to it, you start to understand the greatness of the wonder you are about to admire. The sound, the feeling of gallons of water tumbling over the edge, the light spattering of wet mist that fills the air in the surrounding area – they all lead up to something, and before you get there, you know that the sight of this great waterfall is going to be something special indeed. 

Niagara Falls by themselves are a beautiful site, whether youre on the Canadian side, or the US side, but the stuff that happens around the Falls really help to make the area what it is. Almost like a mini Las Vegas, there are plenty of attractions and shops to keep you entertained, and theres even a haunted house of sorts for you to try your bravery at. Can you make it the entire way through without wimping out? (I didnt!)

5 – Coyote Buttes, Arizona, US

When you come to Arizona, youd be forgiven for believing the Grand Canyon was the only attraction to admire. Thats not the case at all, and in fact, this amazing area is full of some of the most scenic landscapes in the entire world. 

The Coyote Buttes are not to be missed if you come here, and the wavy, multi-coloured lines created through the lines of sand in the rock are something else entirely. Carved over centuries, the Buttes offer you the chance to capture some of the most colourful photographs! Even for an amateur! 

4 – Wuppertal, South Africa

This place is actually quite a magical-feeling place, and if youre heading to Cape Town, you could do a whole load worse than adding a pit-stop in Wuppertal to your itinerary. 

Put your hiking boots on and get lost in this exotic place with its abundance of little waterfalls, tranquil pools and lakes, and massive hillside boulders. The fresh-air and warm sun will do you the world of good, and being away from the hustle and bustle of real life will really help to cleanse your soul! If youre into that kind of thing, that is. 

3 – Joshua Tree National Park, California, US

If youre a big fan of rock climbing, Joshua Tree National Park is most definitely the right place to come with over 4,500 different climbing routes hidden and contained within the massive 100,000 acres the park covers. 

According to stats, over a million tourists flock to this area every year, and its not just to hang off a massive rock either. Stargazing, horseback riding, mountain biking, birdwatching, hiking, checking out the nature trails, and even more activities are all happily entertaining the outdoor lovers from all over the world. 

2 – Bundoran Beach, Ireland

If you love surfing, you must have heard of this beautiful, idyllic beach set a few hours drive away from Dublin in Ireland! You have rock-reefs, rock-cliffs, and emerald green waters lapping away to create waves that tower and tumble, creating the perfect conditions for those enjoying the thrill of the surf. 

Its not the kind of place youll want to try out if youre a newbie, but for those more experienced looking for a different kind of setting to explore the waves, this quiet little beach offers everything you could want. 

1 – Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

If youre looking for a beautiful beach with white sandy beaches, and crystal clear, blue waters to dip your toes into, you could do a lot worse than Cathedral Cove in New Zealand. There are around 150,00 tourists travelling here every year, so its still a relatively hidden gem that wont be too busy for you to enjoy yourself, and with a whole host of both beach and water related activities for you to enjoy, the one thing you definitely wont be is bored! 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World
Everyone's idea of paradise is different but there are some places around the world that you just can't deny are simply breathtaking. Read our guide on the most beautiful places to travel.
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