Top 10 Places to Find Romance in Europe


Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love, but if youre planning your Spring / Summer 2015 vacation in the hope that romance will find its way into your life, there are a few places that youll definitely need to check out in the rest of Europe. 

With more quaint restaurants, beautiful scenic views, fantastic monuments, and more to explore and marvel at, youll wonder why you didnt come here sooner! 

If youre on the lookout for love, or are looking for someone to take that special someone in your life, you need to check this out:

The Top 10 Places to Find Romance in Europe

10 – Venice

The canals give Venice most of its romantic charm, plus theres something about the sound of the water lapping at the edges of those crumbling yet beautiful buildings that really sets the scene for something beautiful and magical to happen. 

The gondola rides are perfect to impress that other person in your life, and the tiny, quiet piazzas really give your meals an intimate and romantic feeling. When you add the breathtaking architecture, and the quaint, narrow bridges that make for perfect late-evening strolls, and whether youre looking for love, or in love, youll definitely be feeling the love! 

9 – Prague

With its fairytale-style buildings and a town set in years ago, perfectly preserved and beautiful presented, Prague really does offer itself as one of the most beautiful and romantic places you can visit in Europe. 

It would be easy to lose yourself in the brilliance of this ancient city, and although the cobblestones are very well matched to wearing heels, youll find yourself really enjoying the walks you take hand in hand with that special someone. Plus the buzzing nightlife, and plentiful stag and hen weekends, make for the perfect opportunity to meet new people! 

8 – Rome

If its gladiators and ancient treasures youre on the lookout for, you could do a whole load worse than checking out Rome as your next port of call in Europe. Throw your pennies into the fountains and wish for love, just like so many other tourists do, and marvel at the beauty of such an elegant city as you sip a frothy cappuccino in one of the many outdoor seating areas allocated for the lush-smelling coffee shops and cafes. 

Combining thousands of years of history with great shopping and delicious food makes this the perfect city to find and enjoy love. 

7 – Amsterdam 

Although not usually connected with romance, there is something about those tulip fields in the spring that creates a wonderful scent in the air, and a sense of love in the air. You have the canals to explore too – why not rent a gondola and enjoy the delights a tour will have to offer? 

Alternatively, the expansive park, Amsterdamse Bos, has plenty of things to offer including boating, picnics, sunbathing, organic goat farms, and a lot more. This could be a day trip all by itself! Plus who knows who youll meet along the way

6 – Paris 

You cant really forget about the City of Love, can you? Paris is, of course, one of the most romantic places on the planet, let alone in Europe, and with the Eiffel Tower, a zillion and one art galleries, adorably cute cafes, and plenty of aphrodisiac food along the way, there really is a chance you will find love in France. 

Plus, who doesnt love the French accent? 

5 – Budapest

If you visit Budapest in the fall – August and September, the color of the trees around you, and the slight chill in the air just urges you to get closer to someone special You could get closer to your next special someone right here! 

The summer days are still warm enough to do really lovely outdoorsy stuff, but the walks during the evenings will be breezy and really calming on the body and mind. There are fairs and plenty of activities to enjoy, and there are clubs and romantic restaurants for food and drinks. 

4 – Vienna

This Austrian capital is one of the most underrated romantic places in Europe, we feel. There are more than a few Royal residences to marvel and explore for those of you that wish to meet someone interesting and cultured, and there are horse-drawn carriages for super-romance in the evening, should you bag yourself a date. The architecture is what brings so many people to the city, but theres always the opera to enjoy if you like to do things upper-class style! 

3 – Ljubljana 

This place is in Slovenia, and theres a good chance youve never heard of it. It definitely doesnt get the recognition or credit one hundred percent deserves, and as well as the beautiful hill-side towns and amazing views, theres the bridge you can write your names on a padlock and add them to the masses already hanging form the structure, to symbolize everlasting love. 

You could even haggle your lunch down with the local farmers at the markets, and take it down to one of the beautiful parks in the central district to lie back, relax, and marvel at the fine flowers and amazing food. 

2 – Zurich 

Many people believe this is the capital of Switzerland but its not; that title goes to Bern. 

As well as having a well-known fine cuisine to enjoy while youre here, theres great scene such as the clear, calm lake in front of that beautiful mountain. You could have fun on the lake, splishing and splashing away, or head out for cocktails in one of the beautiful and quirky gardens or bars. The old town is wonderful to explore, and you never known what grand things you might uncover. Plus, theres the whole chocolate thing going on

1 – Copenhagen 

Its not really associated with romance, is it? However, how romantic does this sound – wood lodge, cosy fire, cups of steaming hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on the topMaybe even chocolate sprinkles? 

Thats the kind of romance youll get from Copenhagen – real, old-fashioned romance. Denmark is quite an old-fashioned place, but it definitely has beautiful charm, and if you dont fall in love in Copenhagen, you might fall in love WITH Copenhagen!

Top 10 Places to Find Romance in Europe
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Top 10 Places to Find Romance in Europe
Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love, but if you're planning your Spring / Summer 2015 vacation in the hope that romance will find its way into your life, there are a few places that you'll definitely need to check out in the rest of Europe.
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