Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Three)


If you have already been blown away and amazed by the beautiful delights of the Seychelles, St. Lucia, Italy and Hawaii, then you are definitely going to be in heaven as we discuss the final part of our Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways. Let’s jump in and see what other island delights our beautiful planet has to offer us:


Come on now – we couldn’t talk about islands without throwing Fiji in there and when you do a little bit of internet research, you will soon see the delights that this breathtaking island has got to offer.

There are private islands here, alongside the mainland ones that you will be used to seeing, and any one of these would be perfect for a romantic retreat, a wedding or a honeymoon destination. There is one resort that will make you truly decide on this to be your next romantic getaway and that is the Likuliku Lagoon Resort which not only boasts amazing flavours with the finest gourmet dining, but is home to white beaches, crystal clear blue waters, sheltering palm trees and amazing luxurious villas that are enough to make you feel like a true King or Queen.


When you see photos of this collection of islands, you have a place that not only takes your breath away, but also regains your passion for our amazing planet. Right out in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is made up of hundreds of tiny islands from which you can take your pick. Bora Bora is perhaps the most popular of these, with holiday makers heading here for the tropical style vacations that it has to offer.

These islands are most famous for the peaceful bungalows that are beautifully set, suspended as such as over the water, and if that isn’t enough to take your fancy, you could always just pick yourself a hammock hanging in between two palm trees to laze your days away. You can’t come here without tasting the local delights either – why not indulge in a spot of lobster dinner, cooked over an open BBQ by the locals?

The last stop on our 10-island journey around the world for the most romantic getaways brings us to perhaps the most romantic of all!

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Islands of Tahiti

Overlooking the amazing backdrop of Mount Otemanu, the Islands of Tahiti offer more blue water and sandy beaches than any other destination we have visited so far. With over-water bungalows, much like that offered in the Maldives, this particular set of islands gives you some of the most amazing scenery you have ever seen.

Considered to be one of the most sought after wedding and honeymoon destinations, Tahiti has so much to offer that it would be difficult to know where to start. As well as the obvious wedding packages that many of the resorts have to offer, there is also an awful lot for you to do. You could go scuba diving and see fish and other marine wildlife that you have never seen before, you might try your hands at a spot of quadding and see some of the beautiful sights there are, and you could even view the islands from the air with helicopter rides to delight and amuse you! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Three)
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Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Three)
Read about the top 10 romantic getaway islands in the world.
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