Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Two)



Following on with our beautiful investigation into the Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways, we come to the second part of our adventure.

We have already delved into the world of St. Barts, Jamaica and Australia, now it’s time to venture into such beautiful delights as Italy, Hawaii (of course) and more beautiful tropical destinations!


Starting with Hawaii, you can’t really talk about romance without mentioning this amazing island. To be honest, the term “Hawaii” covers a whole host of different places and islands, but for the purposes of this, we are going to talk about the bigger islands such as Maui, Big Island, Oahu and Kauai.
Each island contained within Hawaii has the most beautiful delights, and every one of them offers a little something different and new. They all have many things in common however – they are romantic, tropical, white beaches and blue waters, with various activities to play with along the way to liven things up a bit.
From villas to hotels and everything in between, there is nothing you cannot find on one of these beautiful islands, and even gourmet dining with a whole host of flavours is right there for you to enjoy.


You can’t talk romance without mentioning Italy. The mainland offers so many beautiful delights that it would be almost impossible to mention them all, but we will delight you with the best bits.
Venice and the canals offer gondola rides for the perfect proposal or honeymoon retreat, and the islands of Sicily, Capri and Sardinia also offer similar romantic activities to blow your mind. The warm climate and great shopping will surely delight any woman on this romantic adventure, and for those that love a bit of history and culture, there is plenty of this to explore with more history and beautiful buildings than you ever could imagine!

St. Lucia

Yet another beautifully romantic island that has many women dreaming, St. Lucia is another tropical island getaway that would make for the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination. The Pitons that stand out in the backdrop make for beautiful photographs, and being “closed in” as such as by these beautiful looking mountains often make couples feel that they are the only two people in the world at that time. Of course, the five star resorts and villas help with this, as do the amazing spa retreats from which the island has become almost famous for.


Yet another beautiful island paradise, the palm trees and sandy beaches are the main focus for any romantic twosomes looking to get away, and when you throw some of the world’s most amazing wildlife into the mix, you have a tropical island getaway with adventure, cultural development and fine dining.
There is one island right out there in the Indian Ocean that belongs to the Seychelles that you should most definitely take a peek at if you get the chance and that is North Island – this boats more privacy and romance than you could ever imagine!

Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Two)
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Top 10 Romantic Island Getaways (Part Two)
Looking for a romantic island trip? Have a look at our top 10 romantic island getaway articles. Hawaii, Seychelles and many more island are covered.
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