Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways (Part Three)


Following on from Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways Part One & Part Two, we are finalizing our list before we take a closer look at the amazing countries we have discussed. Within this article, you are going to explore the delights of Cyprus, Snowdonia and even Croatia, amongst others! Have you got your Passport handy?


Easter marks Spring for Croatia, and this is when the country explodes with excitement. You will understand if you ever have the chance to visit this mysterious country at this time of the year, and you will find that it is perfect weather for budding explorers, especially with the lakes and waterfalls melting in Plitvice Lakes National Park, and this generally means fewer visitors and less need for hustle and bustle.

For the food lovers amongst you, you will find that spring in Croatia brings tasty delights, including the wild asparagus that grows here, but it is wise to remember that mid-April is when the season starts, you may find that some things are closed if you head there any earlier in the year than this.


The best time of year to visit this country is in the spring months. If you are a fan of flowers or a picnic in the park, you are most definitely going to want to head over to the rose gardens in Agros Village or even experience the delights of the many orange farms the country has to offer.

The Mediterranean country literally bursts with color at this time of the year, and many people find that the cooler weather allows for a much more pleasant vacationing experience. You will find that every wild follower blooms at this magical time of year, with white and pink almond blossoms bursting back to life in the later parts of February. This is generally a wet month though; you are best off waiting for just a little bit longer before you head here.


This is a beautiful country to explore if you are looking for unforgiving countryside, raw natural beauty and rugged good looks, and spring is the best time of year to head to a country like this for an energetic holiday. The weather is just starting to warm up from the colder, winter months, which means that it has not yet reached its peaked, and this enables many to get a tan without having to find shade from the blistering heat that the hotter months have to offer.

If you don’t like to have to wait for a table in the local restaurants, or hustle your way through crowds of people to get a spot of the beach, March and April are the perfect months to head to this sunny part of the world, and with the bird life bursting into activity, you will find that the country is almost mesmerizing with life.


We’ve all seen photos and stories of the tulips in Amsterdam, right? Spring is the perfect time of year to explore the beautiful tulip fields of this laid-back country, and you may just experience more than you bargained for!

The scenery is beautiful, with lime green leaves making a backdrop for the colorful country. The prices are cheaper in March as it is considered to be before the peak season, and therefore one of the quietist times of the year, and this means that you will find more locals and fewer tourists to have to contend with.

Another wise thing to remember about spring in Amsterdam is the amazing amount of festivals that they hold in this month, with the most memorable ones to note being Remembrance Day, Liberation Day and Queen’s Day.

Snowdonia, Wales

March 2013 sees something magical happening in Snowdonia – Wales is going to be home to the brand new longest zipwire in Europe. If you are looking for a holiday packed with adventure and excitement, Snowdonia is most definitely the way forward.

Approximately a mile long, 213meters above the ground in some places, and speeds reaching as much as 75mph, the zipwire is part of a three hour adventure that will delight and amaze some of the biggest thrill-seekers in the world. Former military vehicles will be used to transport you through the quarries of the area, and you will get the chance to try your hand at the smaller 450m long zipwire before you try your hand at the Big Daddy of all adventures!

Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways  (Part Three)
Article Title
Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways (Part Three)
Within this article, you are going to explore the delights of Cyprus, Snowdonia and even Croatia, amongst others! Have you got your Passport handy?
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