Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways (Part Two)


We have already taken a look at Dublin in Ireland and New York. In this part, we are going to take a look at the delights of Barcelona, Istanbul and Orlando. Have you got your passports ready?

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a little ray of sunshine during the spring months, whereas other parts of Europe are still being battered by rain and cold temperatures. March and April are the months in which Barcelona really springs to life, and when you see the awesome and colorful things there are to do during these months, you will wonder why you never ventured here before.

A lot happens in Barcelona in the spring, and there are a number of festivals and partying experiences. There’s the beer festival which happens in early March, and Easter is a pretty colorful affair, happening slightly later on in the month. The Formula One Grand Prix is a pretty awesome occasion too, happening in the early parts of May. It would be safe to say that, in the spring months, there is plenty to do in this beautiful balmy town.

The weather certainly helps for the Barcelona spring seeking tourists. It’s not quite hot enough to be classed as extreme heat, which of course means fewer tourists, and there is a cool enough breeze to actually get out and about – exploring all the delights that the city, and the country, has to offer. Al fresco dining is a must, of course, for any spring getaway, and there is plenty of this around here. Seafood and paella restaurants dot the streets for a local taste, and there are more than enough places to eat that cater for the more American/British style of eating if you would prefer it from time to time.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Spring is exactly the right time to visit this beautiful and magnificent city. The pelting rains that accompany the winters have just subsided, leaving blooming trees and flowers, and the most adorable kittens roaming the streets looking for scraps from sympathetic tourists. Spring is classed as an off-peak season here, so it will be less packed with tourists and slightly cooler in temperature to allow you to actually enjoy your vacation.
Most places around the world seem to have spring time festivals that take place and there are some particularly colorful ones here in Istanbul. The Tulip Festival, for example, causes the entire city to literally burst with various colors of the rainbow and leaves a beautiful glow all over the city.

Alongside the festivals and beautiful flowers, you will find a number of local delicacies that explode into season at this beautiful time of year. Starting with strawberries and ending with cherries later on in the year, there are plenty of delights to tickle your taste buds with!

5. Orlando, US

This time of year for the people of Orlando means one thing – no more rain, higher temperatures, and spring break! It’s that beautiful time of year that fills everyone with happiness – flowers start to bloom, the weather starts to pick up and everything looks slightly less gray in nature.

Spring is a great time for golfing and there are plenty of places to do that here in Florida. There’s the annual Strawberry Festivals and beautiful blooming flowers in the parks like Orland Gardens and Epcot in March too!

Orlando is also the home of all the major themeparks like Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Adventure Island and many more.
It’s a great place for a family trip and the rides are amazing. Try the Simpsons virtual rollercoaster in Universal Studios.

Spring is a beautiful time to get away and you will find that most places on earth have a special glow about them when the cold weather dissipates and the warmer weather starts to ebb in.

Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways (Part Two)
Article Title
Top 10 Spring/Summer Getaways (Part Two)
We have already taken a look at Dublin in Ireland and New York. In this part, we are going to take a look at the delights of Barcelona, Istanbul and Orlando. Have you got your passports ready?
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