Why go to Barcelona?


During the spring months, other parts of Europe are still being battered by the ends of the winter rains. The ground is soggy, the flowers are struggling to bloom, and the sun seems like a distant memory, with rubber boots and umbrellas by the front door, rather than flip flops and sunglasses. This is not the case in Barcelona, however; spring in this beautiful country is something else entirely.

Why not indulge in a bit of al fresco fine dining or festival hopping in a tent? What about taking hand-in-hand walks along the lush beaches or drinking cocktails on the deck, watching the sun go down? Perhaps you would rather try your hand at a bit of exploring? All of this is possible in Barcelona in spring, and much more besides.

This entire Mediterranean area tends to start heating up at this time of the year, which means that the weather will not be as blistering hot as it can be in the summer, yet not as cold or rainy as it is in the autumn and winter months. You could almost say that this was the perfect time of year to hit this fabulous part of the world.

You’ll find that you can still enjoy temperatures in the range of 18 to 21 degrees centigrade, and this means that the summer tourists will not have arrive just yet and the beaches won’t be as crowded. With almost three miles of beach available to you, and most parts of this coastline easily accessible with various forms of public transport, it would be a shame to come here and not enjoy the delights of the sand and sea! It was, in fact, National Geographic that stated Barcelona as having the “Best urban beaches in the world!”

There’s plenty to do in Barcelona in the spring if you get bored of the super clean beaches, of course. There are plenty of parks for you to enjoy spring lunchtime picnics in, such as the Parc de la Ciutadella. From right here you have plenty of other options for a fun day out too – you can row a boat in the centrally located lake, take a trip around Barcelona Zoo, and if this doesn’t sound like fun to you, you could always check out the mazes in Laberint d’Horta; this park is often less visited by tourists so will give you some much needed peace and quiet from your usually busy life.

A lot happens here in these warmer months of the year. For the sporty amongst you, there is the Spanish Grand Prix which falls on 1-12 May, and earlier on in the year you have events such as Easter between 24-31 March, allowing you to enjoy such delights as parades in the city center and try local delicacies such as Spanish Easter cake.

The Spanish seem to have their own version of Valentine’s Day with La Diada de Sant Jordi falling on the 23rd of April. The tradition states that lovers exchange gifts on this day with men generally giving their women a rose and the ladies passing back a book in return. If you are looking for something new and exciting to use as a backdrop for your wedding or for the perfect place to propose, 23rd April in Barcelona seems like the best idea all round!

Why go to Barcelona?
Article Title
Why go to Barcelona?
During the spring months, other parts of Europe are still being battered by the ends of the winter rains. This is not the case in Barcelona.
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