Your First Date – How to Stay Safe

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Whether youre male or female, safety should always be at the very forefront of your mind when it comes to dating, and never more so than when you are internet dating. As much as wed love to believe the people we are talking to are good-hearted, kind people that wouldnt want to hurt anyone, there are some really weird and nasty people out there!

That guy youve been talking to for a few weeks online, for example – you may have sent message after message to each other, well into the early hours of the morning, but have you exchanged photographs? Have you talked via video-chat? Have you actually spoken on the phone? 

Its amazing how many people dont do the basics when it comes to internet dating, and although it may be a little harsh to say, you must use some of your own common sense. To be sure you are talking to a genuine person, and not a crazy fruit-bat who wants to kidnap you, or a con artist trying to scam you out of your hard earned money, there are a series of events that must happen. 

Firstly, send photos to each other. Send Selfies – on the spot selfies. Ask for a selfie in the spur of the moment to make it more difficult for them to trawl the internet, looking for an appropriate photo to borrow

Smart phones and technology has definitely make life easier, and with dating, there is no exception. If you have an iPhone, you can FaceTime with your potential new date and in fact, it might be worth considering making your FIRST date an internet date – you are still face to face and talking to each other, but its not actually face to face, which can take a lot of the first-date nerves away. Plus, at least then youll know who youre meeting when the time is right to actually meet them. 

When you do agree to meet, always make it a day-time date. Try to avoid evening dates when all sorts of things could go wrong. Always agree to meet in a well-lit area, surrounding by plenty of people, not just to ensure your safety but theirs too. You might be a crazy person, after all! 

Tell someone where you are going. Tell them what time you are meeting your date, where you will be going, and what time you expect to be home. Send them a message after you have met your date, and later on in the date too – always make sure someone knows you are OK. Its wise to have a get-out-of-jail-free card too, just in case your date wasnt as special as you had hoped – something like a friend calling a set time. If youre not happy with the way the date is going, you can use the phone call as your excuse to leave. Something bad has happened to a friend / work colleague / family member / something has come up at work, and you need to leave. By doing that, you wont spend the entire night trying to come up with excuses, and you can make a hasty retreat! 

Although we hope your internet dating experience is a very pleasant one, fulfilling every dream you hoped for it and more, you do need to remember to stay safe, so please make sure you do just that. The whole point of dating is for it to be fun, not terrifying after all!

Your First Date - How to Stay Safe
Article Title
Your First Date - How to Stay Safe
Whether you're male or female, safety should always be at the very forefront of your mind when it comes to dating, and never more so than when you are internet dating.
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